menstrual cycle calendar

Women Menstrual Cycle Calendar

The menstrual cycle of a woman affects her capacity of becoming pregnant. It is very useful to determine the length of menstrual cycle for figuring out effectively when pregnancy can be most likely to occur and when it can be not. There are two phases of menstrual cycle namely uterine change and ovarian change. While the average length of a whole menstrual cycle is twenty- nine days, variations may normally take place, from twenty to forty days. Women need not to worry if the length of their menstrual cycle is longer or shorter than the said average length as it is a normal occurrence.

The first thing you need to do is mark the women’s menstrual cycle calendar on the very first menstruation day. Menstrual cycle basically refers to the number of days between the first days of a woman’s consecutive periods. The length of a menstrual cycle can never be determined if the following cycle does not begin yet. Mark the calendar once more on the first menstruation day in the next consecutive month. This time, you are going to have a basis for determining the length of your cycle. In the event that you miss to record the first menstruation day from one month to the next, you should start all over again.

You should count the days from one first menstruation day to the next. Doing so will give you the length of your cycle. Subsequently, create an average. Marking the women’s menstrual cycle calendar each time your monthly period begins should be continued. Repeat the steps one through three to get an average of more than six to nine months. If there are menstrual cycle variations, take note of them. The counting process should be repeated as many times as necessary. There are several factors that can affect your cycle. If you are in need of accurate digits, begin from scratch to obtain the best results.